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Everyone please reblog. Shes from my town, Morgan Hill, she went to my school I’m going to attend this year. Our small town has done things like search parties every week, balloon releases, fundraisers, spirit days in honor of Sierra. We love her and we’re just waiting for her to be found. So please take a second to reblog this, it won’t make your blog ugly.
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Getting Skinny: What’s Dangerous & What Works
MYTH: If you’re looking to lose weight, you should cut out all fats.

Think ditching fats is the best way to start dropping poundage? Think again: According to Dr. Lipman, fats aren’t what are making you flabby. “Fat does not make you fat — it is sugar, wheat, and refined carbs that do so because they cause the release of insulin, which leads to fat storage,” he says.

In fact, your body needs healthy fats in order to function properly. “Low-fat diets do not cause weight loss and the idea of limiting good fats in particular creates problems because healthy fats are crucial for healthy brain function, healthy eyes, joints, skin, and hair,” says Lipman. “It’s the quality of the fats that matter. Healthy fats such as avocado, nuts, coconut oil, and salmon are great additions to any diet and eating small amounts at your meals will help you to feel satisfied more easily. Having said that, everyone should avoid altered, hydrogenated, or trans fats.”
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